Supporting T1D connection and programs in the Edmonton Area
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About Andi Gray

Andi been a JDRF Ambassador and has been committed to raising type one diabetes awareness and uniting T1D Edmonton and Surrounding Areas families through events since her diagnoses 2 years ago.

Seeking out families living with this disease has given her and her family a strong support network, and friendships that will last a lifetime with others that understand. 

She has a strong motivation to continue to build and engage with the community, but attendance numbers are sometimes low - she thinks there maybe financial limitations for some families to attend in person at her planned events.

Partnering with I Challenge Diabetes (ICD) will enable the T1D kids and families more opportunities and/or to reduce costs to collaborate events.

Partnering with ICD provides that extra supports to kids and families, ensuring that kids don’t let T1D hold them back from fun and adventure.  Kids are engaged in activities as well as they are taught to navigate, strategize and managing their diabetes.

In addition to researching fundraising ideas, Andi would like to request that you accept her challenge and donate the cost of your coffee or latte to ICD.   Even small contributions of $5.00 can make a difference to T1D family and enabling them to attend smaller events.

Thank you!