As I did two years ago, my mission is to challenge myself and my Diabetes in a new way that I never have before. I will be running 1km and doing 100 pushups every hour for 30 hours straight, doing 6 more hours than I did last time. 

My goal is to raise money and awareness for I Challenge Diabetes, a registered Canadian charity dedicated to connecting, supporting, and empowering youth in the Type 1 Diabetes Community. 

I want to show others with T1D that putting a plan together, utilizing your support system, and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone can help you achieve whatever you put your mind to. 

Diabetes is a 24 hour and 7 day per week job, but sometimes it can feel like even more. That is why I will be doing the challenge for 30. I plan on sharing the obstacles I will face throughout this journey, there will be no shortage of them to share :)
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    Zora Rai

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    All the best!!

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    Len Goldberg

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    what a guy

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    AMAZING! Congrats on all of your hard work and perserverance for such a great cause!

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    Jeffrey Barrett

    $50.00 / 107 days ago

    Great work Noah! Ira told me all about it. Congratulations! Get some sleep!

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    Benjamin Kalifer

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    Congrats big guy!!

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    Eli Feldman

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    Noah V. Ross is, and always has been, my hero.

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    $724.00 / 107 days ago

    You’re a real Trooper! Really proud of you!!

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    Aubrey Maltz

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    Heidi Cowan

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    You go Noah..A real inspiration to TD1's. Thanks for being you!

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    Seth Kibel

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    Way to go bud!

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    Toshaan Harjai

    $30.00 / 107 days ago

    Hey Noah! So proud of you for doing this. Keep killing.

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    Lisa Sniderman

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    So impressive Noah! Wow!

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    Yara Ibrahim

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    Way to go Ross!! Been awesome keeping up with your insta stories, you’re doing incredible!

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    Rachel Bloom

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    Making Marty proud!

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    Sam Shiff

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    Great work Rossy!!

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    Laura Kernaghan

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    Etai Mizrahi

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    Legendary man! Great job getting Danny g. off his ass

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    Carlos Gonzalez Meyer

    $30.00 / 107 days ago

    I'm so proud of you Noah! Following your challenge has been so inspiring. Finish strong my friend!

About Noah Ross

I have had Type 1 Diabetes for 21 years and it is a huge part of my identity. It has presented countless challenges that I need to face each day but also opportunities that have shaped who I am in a positive way. I want to do whatever I can to help others living with T1D feel empowered to take on any challenge (physical and mental) that life presents them.

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