Living stronger even without my pancreas

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About Sam Walker

Hometown: Sudbury Ontario 

Greatest Accomplishment Or Proudest Moment:

Completing the west coast trail extreme adventure with ICD.

My Connection With Type 1 Diabetes:

After my first hike with with ICD in 2018, I knew I would have long lasting friendships and support from them. Fundraising for ICD is a great opportunity to open up more conversation about the diabetes community and the negative stigma surrounding type one diabetes. To show people that even with a bad pancreas, we are capable of anything we want to achieve.

Why I Choose To Fundraise For ICD:

I choose to fundraise for ICD because they give diabetics a great opportunity to share our knowledge and experiences with diabetes, as well as giving us the support and encouragement to do the things we want to accomplish. No one can quite understand what it means to live with diabetes like another diabetic can. Chris Jarvis and the ICD team’s programs push people like me to step out of our comfort zones and to always challenge ourselves to be stronger. ICD connects me with other diabetics and shows people that we are not limited in anything we do because of our disease. It gives people a sense of belonging in a great community.

What Your Support Means To Me:

Any contribution will help diabetics to keep benefiting from ICD’s programs and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!!