Resilience comes in all shapes, sizes and feats. No matter how big or small. Be proud of yourself.

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About Leslie Kennedy

Hometown:  Oshawa

Years living with T1D: 12 years

Greatest Accomplishment Or Proudest Moment:

Within the cadet program, there were restrictions because I am a type 1 diabetic. I was always into expeditions and traveling but because of T1, I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere that was further than 20 minutes from a hospital, I had always felt like I missed out on amazing opportunities. I was allowed to go to CF Base Borden at the Cadet Summer Training Camp Blackdown to teach music though, and my proudest moment was when I achieved the rank of Master Warrant Officer as the Company Sergeant Major of the military music courses. As the Company Sergeant Major, I was the direct link between the cadet staff members, cadets my age, and the CF officers and had many responsibilities regarding training and running the course. It was my biggest accomplishment because I’ve always had a love for music and being diabetic made some people doubt my performance for the job. Yet, despite feeling restricted in the cadet program, I put all my efforts into building the junior cadets in the music program and succeeded in getting through my bad diabetes days that came with the stress of being a high ranking staff cadet. I felt very proud of myself for getting through the summer without being sent home, doing the best I could and proving that being a T1D didn’t hinder my leadership skills.

My Connection With Type 1 Diabetes:

My connection with T1D started when I was 7 years old and had a very scary period before my diagnosis. I had lost a lot of weight and seemed depressed, but once I was diagnosed, I thought it was awesome to be a little bit different. Over the years it has been consistently educating those who haven’t had the personal experience of T1D, but I never minded because it’s hard to understand and know what’s it like if you haven’t had a first hand experience. My motivation for fundraising is to educate more, because I firmly believe knowledge is power. I also want people like me who have been denied opportunities or misunderstood to have amazing experiences through ICD.

Why I Choose To Fundraise For ICD:

Branching out and meeting other T1D my age has been truly amazing. Having friends who understand and to motivate is a gift, and ICD has shown to help those connections. From what I’ve heard from friends, ICD is so big on supporting those who are struggling, and by meeting people who have been in the same situations and have gotten through them is so inspirational. Diabetes is something I will most likely have to live with for the rest of my life and I will always have my good and bad days, but this amazing opportunity that is being presented makes me appreciate all of the good days so much more. Being understood and not feeling alone makes the bad days worth the good ones, and that’s why I choose ICD to raise funds for. All of the things I have listed are important to everyone, no matter the reasons and have truly made a difference for me.

What Your Support Means To Me:

Your contribution means the world. Having such supportive and well wishing people around me means so much to me. ICD is not only something amazing I’ve stumbled across but it is also important to the diabetic community, it brings people together and forms inseparable bonds. I’d like to thank everyone wanting to support my journey and loving me.