By working hard to face the challenges of the trail together, we will build the endurance to face the relentless challenges of diabetes and raise funds to continue building opportunities for others.

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    Chris Jarvis

    $500.00 / 31 days ago

    With much uncertainty around this programming and the way we are able to continue to support this program... I'm proud of the decisions made to ensure that that supports are not cut in the mids of a the most trying times. Way to go ICD team! Good Luck out there!

About The Jarvis Family

Hometown: North York, ON 

Years living with T1D: 25 years 

I'm connected to T1D through my husband, who lives with T1D. Through him, I've learned all about the challenges that come with living with this disease and seen the strength and determination it takes every day to not just survive but THRIVE, while living with T1D. I've also had the opportunity to meet hundreds of incredible people (and their families) who live with this disease and been inspired by their stories and the challenges on a daily basis. - Angie

Greatest Accomplishments: 

A) Learning to manage diabetes independently and to reduce its impact in scenarios from fun nights out with friend to intense training regimes and remote wilderness settings. 

B) Winning the Canadian and American National High School rowing championships, University team captain, a place racing for Team Canada for 8 yeas including multiple Gold medals at the World Cup and PanAm Games and at the Athens/Beijing Olympics. 

C) Creating a charity reaching the most people in Canada with type one diabetes with empowerment and support programs. Seeing many of these great kids grow to be leaders and give back in to the next generation. My Connection With Type 1 Diabetes: I've lived with type 1 diabetes for 25 years, my auntie, sister, brother in law and nephew all keep me focused on this disease and its impacts. - Chris

I like to think I've accomplished some pretty cool things in my life so far - a great career, some incredible travel experiences, and some rugged wilderness adventures, but my GREATEST accomplishment is bringing my two little girls into the world and helping them to learn and discover new things about themselves and the world. - Angie

Why We Choose To Fundraise For ICD: 

I keep a close eye on the great work being done in our community by many contributors and focused on transforming the experience of this disease on people right now. Transforming the diagnosis from a devastation to a daily challenge that strengthens us as we stand to work with it. - Chris

I Challenge Diabetes provides opportunities for people who wouldn't have access to, or wouldn't be comfortable with, these types of challenges and adventures. Having the chance to experience nature and overcome obstacles while supported by expert mentors and surrounded by people who face the same challenges as you do is a unique opportunity that no other charity offers. I've seen first-hand that ICD has changed, and saved, lives. Unlike many other charities, ICD puts donor funds directly into programming with VERY minimal overhead and administrative costs (trust someone who is on the inner circle and knows this to be true!) :) ICD also believes in barrier-free access/opportunity for all, which means that participants are not turned away if they do not have the financial means to pay for programs. We rely on donors to make this happen, and to keep this charity alive! - Angie

What Your Support Means To Us: 

I see thousands of people a year through these programs and see the tremendous potential of youth and their families. They are up against real challenges, relentless challenges... Supporting this cause, whether big or small, will go directly towards creating future opportunities as the leanest Canadian diabetes charity. - Chris

It means supporting the dream and life's work of someone very near and dear to my heart. I see every single day how much passion Chris puts into this charity. How much he gives of himself to keep this organization that has helped thousands of people across Canada and the world alive, and hope that others can recognize this and give back. Our family puts a lot of time into ICD and we really believe in its mission and value, so any support our family and friends can contribute means a great deal to us! - Angie