The harder you work for something, the greater you will feel when you achieve it.

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    Tracy DiMarco

    $40.00 / 109 days ago

    Way to go Crispy! Donating today in honour of your Grandma's fundraising efforts and her help with ICD - Happy Birthday Michelle!!

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    Chris Baldwin

    $20.00 / 115 days ago

    Chris I have set up a birthday fundraiser for my birthday. I may need help. :)

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    Stephen Baldwin

    $40.00 / 180 days ago

    Chris is a great kid ...not unlike all of the folks that are involved with pushing themselves to greater heights. Kick butt!

About Chris Baldwin

Hometown: Burlington, ON

Greatest Accomplishment Or Proudest Moment:

Hiking the West Coast Trail Extreme Adventure with I Challenge Diabetes

Why I Choose To Fundraise For ICD:

When I started volunteering for ICD in March of 2019 I noticed how needed these events were. ICD helps you learn from one another and find ways to overcome challenges. It helps creating friendships with people to help support you through your struggles. ICD helps family’s who are struggling or are new to type 1 diabetes and give them the extra support they need. I chose to fundraise for ICD because ICD helped me take better control over my diabetes and learn that diabetes isn’t just this negative thing that brings you down, but just another challenge. ICD helps push people to step out of there comfort zone and embrace their diabetes. ICD has helped me connect to so many other diabetics that I can learn from and also make really good memories with.

What Your Support Means To Me:

Any contribution will help diabetics benefit from ICD’s programs and will be very much appreciated. Thank you for support and contribution!