Don't be a quitter (like my pancreas).

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    Tammy Gigolyk

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    Diabetes... we got this!!

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    Paul & Kelly Stadnyk

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    We are so proud of your accomplishments & the young lady you are, while dealing with a 24/7 health challengeđź’ś

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    Julie Giesbrecht

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    Good luck with the Challenge Brooklyn! So amazed by what you have all done for JDF since you have been diagnosed... keep up the good work!

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    Bonnie Giesbrecht

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    Way to go Brook, proud of you for doing this and wish you the best in your fundraising campaign!

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    Way to go Brooklyn!

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    Your passion to make a difference is inspiring! You truly put your heart into your endeavours. I wish you the best in surpassing your fundraising goal.

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    Tammy Gigolyk

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    Thank you to a very supportive anonymous local business. Your community donation is very appreciated!

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    Proud of you Brook!

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    Charlie and Shere Gigolyk

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    We are very proud of you Brook. Your dedication to the cure is inspirational. You are the next generation of bright, beautiful driven women! Buff up that super hero badge baby!

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    Sharon Bengco

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    Hi Brooklyn, good luck with your campaign. We are very proud of you and all that you are doing to bring awareness about Type 1 Diabetes. Love the Bengco’s

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    Brook, you are a terrific role model for other young people learning to adjust to life with T1D. Good luck with your challenge!

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    Curtis, Kyah, Brynn Maxymowich

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    Good Luck on reaching your goal!

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    Tammy Gigolyk

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    I'm proud of your leadership and initiative to make a difference in the lives of others with T1D. Diabetes has never stopped you from following your dreams. Wishing you success with your campaign goal!

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    Terraline Maxymowich

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    Brooklyn you are amazing!

About Brooklyn Gigolyk

Hometown: Kleefeld, Manitoba 

Years living with T1D: 13 

Greatest Accomplishment Or Proudest Moment: 
As you can imagine, living with T1D can present many challenges. However, I firmly believe that my experiences have only strengthened my character and made me the person I am today. T1D has taught me many lessons about my body, embracing obstacles, and having compassion for others. While a diagnosis is never a particularly fond event, every year on my diaversary I celebrate another year of health, hard work, and the challenges I have overcome. T1D is a full-time job that nobody applies for (and it will suck the life out of you if you let it), but I have always strived to not let this disease define me or stand in the way. 

My Connection With Type 1 Diabetes: 
I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when I was eight years old. At this age, I adapted to the “new normal” of insulin injections, blood glucose testing, and carb counting. Growing up, I was fortunate to attend D-Camps for several consecutive years where I met many lifelong friends who face similar challenges in life. Over the years, I have participated in many events by BitterSweet Diabetes, various walks/runs in support of diabetes, and even put on my own fundraising event. Currently, I am an Ambassador for JDRF (Junior Diabetes Research Foundation) where I help to advocate and raise awareness about T1D. I recently started using the Dexcom G6, an exciting piece of technology that helped me bring my A1C level down by 1.1% in less than a month. I feel very lucky for these opportunities in my life and hope that this fundraiser will make positive experiences like these possible for others. 

Why I Choose To Fundraise For ICD: 
I can’t wait to participate in my first ICD event and support a cause that has such a positive impact on people living with T1D. The Assiniboine Extreme Adventure brings awareness to T1D while “creating opportunities for people with T1D of all ages to overcome challenges and find support”. I have been fortunate to experience through D-Camps and various diabetes fundraisers/events how valuable it is to connect with T1D peers and mentors. It is life-changing to be able to connect with others who use the same technologies and understand the struggles of living with T1D. I truly believe in ICD and its mission, which is very personal to me. The specialized programming ICD offers across Canada for people with T1D empowers and transforms lives. Donors can be assured their funds are going directly to programming with very minimal overhead. 

What Your Support Means To Me: 
I am feeling so grateful for this opportunity and look forward to exploring Mount Assiniboine and connecting with others who have been impacted with T1D. I hope my actions inspire you to believe that you can do anything you set your mind to. 

I’d like to send out a huge thanks to everyone who has helped me get here today, especially to my parents who have always been by my side. Your enduring love and support mean so much to me.

This is a cause that is so personal to me and I appreciate that you see the value. Your support means so much, not only to me but to everyone who is impacted by ICD. Thank you for your contribution to my fundraising campaign!