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    Aaron Richardson

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    Jude Thomson

    $100.00 / 153 days ago

    Hi Angela, Good for you to get involved and support such a worthy cause. You know all too well the impact it has on many lives.

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    Anna Simone

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    Angela, You are a true inspiration! Anna

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    Paula Fleck

    $500.00 / 154 days ago

    Angela, Your care, engagement and commitment to raising awareness & funds for T1 Diabetes is so impressive and heartfelt that I urge you to give yourself an enormous pat on the back! From my 38 years as a T1, I know how challenging it is to participate in such rigourous activities, to be mentally strong and steadfast even in the midst of crashing lows! Anna & I will always support you! Your 'pump sister', Paula

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    Denise Walsh

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    Norm Lalonde

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    Alexandra Willan

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    Laurie Johns

    $50.00 / 162 days ago

    Good luck Angela! You will do awesome! Enjoy the trip: it’s beautiful country.

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    Howard Shin

    $25.00 / 162 days ago

    Thanks for all your efforts! Safe hiking!!

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    Karen Donnelly

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    Great job Angela!

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    Laurie Cossar

    $50.00 / 163 days ago

    Angela there is no challenge that you’re not up for. Keep on keeping on!

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    Emma Vanda Dragu

    $50.00 / 163 days ago

    Dear Angela, It is so great that you think about others to help. You are amazing !!! Good luck ! Hugs and kisses, Emma

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    $100.00 / 163 days ago

    Good luck Angela!

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    Linda Cain

    $100.00 / 163 days ago

    Keep the icd dream alive, keep up the hard work Love you

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    Linda Cain

    $100.00 / 163 days ago

    We are so proud of you!

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    Daphne Gajdacs

    $10.00 / 163 days ago

    I really admire what Angie is doing, and I believe this is for a great cause. Keep up the great work!

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    Angela Cain

    $100.00 / 163 days ago

About Angela Cain

Hometown: Toronto,Ontario 

Years living with T1D: 10 

Greatest Accomplishment Or Proudest Moment:

When thinking of my greatest accomplishment, Many have been provided through I Challenge Diabetes. I have been given the opportunity to participate and challenge myself beyond my belief from events lead by ICD. My greatest accomplishment was hiking the West Coast Trail, where I challenged myself, and faced obstacles but was able to overcome them from the support, encouragement, and suggestions given by ICD peers and mentors.

My Connection With Type 1 Diabetes:

When diagnosed at the age of 6 with Type one diabetes, I was the only diabetic at my school, I wasn’t connected to any other diabetics, and I believed that I was the only one who had an extra challenge to face. At the age of 10 I was introduced to I Challenge diabetes, and was shown ways to manage blood sugars while challenging my body. I learned that even though I was diagnosed with diabetes nothing had to change, if anything I became more active, and learned how to be independent with the management of my diabetes as ICD provided so much support. The motivation to fundraise comes from knowing that many people have barriers in becoming a part of an organization like I Challenge diabetes. I hope that with the fundraising done others will be able to experience events run by ICD, and be shown that even though diabetes has become apart of your life, it doesn’t have to stop you from doing what you want to do.

Why I Choose To Fundraise For ICD:

I choose to raise money for I challenge diabetes as it gives diabetics a great opportunity to share experiences, and knowledge about living with diabetes. It is able to empower youth, and adults through day programs, kids in school initiatives as well as week long hiking trips. Experiences provided by ICD are unlike any other, being surrounded by individuals who get the challenges, commitment and perseverance that comes with diabetes, as no one can quite understand diabetes like another diabetic. Every individual should be given the same chance to partake in programs with I challenge diabetes as it connects you to life long support, and friends, as well as helps to develop you into an individual that sees diabetes as apart of your strength. Your donation will help ICD run more programs to individuals with diabetes, allowing many more to be empowered, and be given an opportunity to connect with other diabetics and experience events.

What Your Support Means To Me:

To those who have made a donation thank you! You have contributed to impacting so many people’s lives living with type one diabetes, helping to give future ICD participants an opportunity to be inspired, and connect with like minded individuals. Your donation will help provide an opportunity to individuals living with diabetes to gain experiences, be inspired and gain support. Your donation is greatly appreciated!